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News, Updates, and Rover Info


If you are finding new counties on the air, share the details with other VHF'ers immediately via the ON4KST chat. Get to the ON4KST Region 2 chats by following menu options to "chats" on https://www.on4kst.com/ Your choice for either 50 MHz Region 2 or 144/432 Region 2

Latest News from KC9BQA:

W9RPM has reached the pinnacle! He's worked 'em all! The plaque award is in progress and will be presented in late Oct or early Nov. He's had lots of VHF activity via the WIVUCH program--you can too! John, says that he will continue to stress "county hunting" in his VHF activity.

WIVUCH Logos for your webpage or QSL card have been added on the "Maps and Forms" page. Put 'em to use!

Check out the https://kc9bqa.com website and review the postings for the past two weeks.


Known activity in Counties

Good locations in each County


Upcoming Roves:

W9FZ activates Burnett, Washburn, and Sawyer on Sunday, July 24th 2011 from 7pm to 10pm local. CQ'ing on 144.190. Check the ON4KST chat page.

More roves coming up in mid-Aug. W9GA/R is planning a rove in south-central Wisconsin!

Badger Contesters--if you're in Wisconsin and interested in VHF/UHF weak-signal, you should be a Badger Contester
KC9BQA's --Promoting VHF/UHF in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest
CSVHFS States Above 50MHz annual award program
Chippewa Valley VHF Contesters--if you're in northwestern Wisconsin join with these guys.

Can you say "Wee Vooch"? (WIVUCH)
Roves Past:

Your info here:

In the CQ-VFH contest, W9FZ/R did:
Iron 16Jul 1800-1955Z
Vilas 16Jul 2040-2210Z
Oneida 17Jul 0030-0045Z 3 Q's (WV9E, N9LB, K9WKW)
Lincoln 17Jul 0100-0430Z
Marathon 17Jul 1230-1545Z
Clark 17Jul 1615-1810Z
Taylor 17Jul 1840-2100Z

Past Activations:

KE6CBR/R 00Z to 04Z 21 Sep 2010
Iowa County EN42/43/53/52 during Fall 2m Sprint

W9FZ/R 00Z to 0244Z Lafayette County (EN42)
0257Z to 04Z Green County (EN52)
In Fall 2m Sprint

Past Activations:

W9FZ/R June 16th, 2011 (eve of 15th)
00Z to 0104Z + 0405Z-0425Z Pierce (EN34)
0110Z to 0210Z Pepin (EN34)
0230Z to 0320Z Buffalo (EN44)

W9FZ/R June 13th, 2011
1800Z to 1850Z Menominee (EN54)
1930Z to 1945Z Langlade (EN54)
2130Z to 2145Z Taylor (EN45)
2150Z to 2200Z Clark (EN45)

W9FZ/R June 13th, 2011 (post contest)
0330Z to 0430Z Shawano (EN54)
0500Z to 0600Z Oconto (EN54)

W9FZ/R June 13th, 2011 (in contest)
0130Z to 0300Z Outagamie (EN54)

W9FZ/R June 12th, 2011 (in contest)
0000Z to 0105Z Waupaca (EN54)
0110Z to 0205Z Outagamie (EN54)
0250Z to 0340Z Calumet (EN54)
0430Z to 0600Z Manitowoc (EN64)
0605Z to 0610Z Calumet (EN54)

Past Activations:

W9FZ/R UHF Contest Rove:
Saturday Aug 7, 2010 EN42/43/52/53 Iowa County
Sunday Aug 8, 2010 EN54/55/45/44 Marathon County

W9FZ/R Wed evening county expedition July 28, 2010: Outagamie, Waupaca, Winnebago, Washara, and Portage

KC9JTL/R (w/ W9HQ) in 2010 June VHF Contest:
details coming

Further Past Activations:

W9FZ/R in 2010 June VHF contest:
Waupaca County EN54 (b4 23Z)
Calumet County EN54 (aft 23Z)
Manitowoc County EN64
Marinette County EN65

W9FZ/R in 2010 Jan VHF contest:
Iowa County EN42, EN52
Vernon County EN43
Waushara County EN54
Juneau County EN44
Adams County EN53

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